Texas Panther Clan
Family   *   Fidelity   *   Honor
Texas Panther Clan is a Texas-based household in the Fort Worth area, dedicated to the principles of Family, Fidelity and Honor.

Texas:  Because this is our adopted home state.
Panther:  Because the City of Fort Worth used to be known as the Panther City.  Ask us about the story behind how the nickname was "earned."
Clan:  Because of the bond that develops in living the Leather brotherhood on a 24/7/365 basis.

We are supporters of and active in the local Leather bdsm communities of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 

On 4 January 2008 boy Gary Foreman passed away leaving an indescribable void in the household.  We honor his memory by carrying on the shared vision we had of creating a leather bdsm household.

We also honor the memory of Master Dean Walradt:  An honored leader in the Leather community, a valued mentor and respected Leather brother.

Master G
Head of Household
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